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How to Play

Fricket & Win Cash

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    Create a League

    Once you are logged into Fricket, you can 'Create a League' of your own for any of the upcoming live cricket series with selection parameters(team composition, star player kind, number of substitutions, etc) and scoring criteria(points for runs, wickets, century, etc) that best suits you. It is really that Simple.

  • 2

    Invite Friends and Family

    After you have successfully created a league for an upcoming series, you can then either share the unique league code with your friends and family to invite them to be a part of your league or you can even enter their email address in the box provided so Fricket can send them an invitation email to be a part of your unique Fricket League.

  • 3

    Create Team & Track Performances

    You and your friends can then create your unique teams as a part of the league and track your own and each others' performances as the series progresses. You can continuously substitute players game after game and compete in a healthy environment and track and compare your performance with your peers using our League Leaderboard.

  • 4

    Unlimited Fun

    There is no limit on the number of leagues you can create or the number of people that can be a part of your league. So play on and find out who is the real King of Selection!

How to Play

Fricket & Win Cash